I am not a chef. I don’t have a background in cooking (unless you count helping my mother in the kitchen when I was growing up). Mom learned to cook watching Julia Child and is obsessed with the Barefoot Contessa at the moment. I love to cook and collect cookbooks and recipes, but rarely indulge in the pleasure. It’s no fun to cook when you are single. I keep trying to convince myself that I should, but I rarely do.

I am not compensated for any posts here. I write about my visits and try to stay anonymous. On the rare occasion that I am invited to an event because of this blog I will say so. Otherwise, I am visiting the restaurants on my own dime.

I love going out to eat, and I love good food. I organize a dining out group on Facebook, which allows me to try lots of different Cleveland restaurants. I prefer to support independent restaurants. I probably won’t write about many chains here – unless it is a really good one and can be found in Cleveland. I love all kinds of food – from the upscale to the not-so-upscale.

My other passion is languages. I am a translator. I have lived in Europe (specifically Germany and Austria) for a total of seven years. I’ve eaten in just about every European country and have plans to eat in many more. My job gives me the flexibility to live anywhere in the world. I choose to live in Cleveland. Mostly because my family is here, but also because I love living here. Cleveland in the spring, summer and fall rocks. Cleveland in the winter – well, not so much, but we have plenty of good eats to keep us warm.


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