In Memoriam


This page is the home for my posts about restaurants that have closed.

* Carrie Cerino’s shut pages its doors after 57 years. They have definitely earned their retirement!

* I’m crushed about this closure. Amanda and Josh, the owners of Lilly Handmade Chocolates, announced they had taken jobs with a CBD chocolate shop and were not reopening after the Christmas break. I will miss the delicious chocolate and amazing beer, wine and cocktail and chocolate pairings.

* Michael Symon’s brother-in-law Michael Herschman closed Lopez on New Year’s Day and is reopening as Mojo World Eats & Drink, his “Asian-inspired tapas bistro” that shut down in 2003. It’s the end of an era for this institution that was created by Rick Bayliss. It went through several transitions, but this is a huge one, going from Mexican to Asian.

* I was very sad to hear about the closure of Polpetta, Adam Bostwick’s creative outlet. We had just been there for their Christmas Dinner in early December, and it was delightful. I hope Adam lands on his feet, and I will be sure to follow. I like his quirky humorous plays on food.

* Hodge’s closed in October 2019. The closing is a result of the Driftwood Group (Scott Kuhn and Chris Hodgson) wanting to keep their focus on Playhouse Square locations.

* Beloved Czech restaurant Marta’s closed at the end of September 2019 when Marta decided to retire. I got to go one last time, but was unable to order my favorite dish. Now there is nowhere in Cleveland to enjoy authentic Czech bread dumplings. But I wish her well and hope she enjoys her well-earned retirement. Her regulars will miss her.

* Jack Flaps closed suddenly in July 2019. Business had started to falter, so it wasn’t all that much of a surprise. I am really going to miss the Breakfast Bahn Mi.

* Sterle’s Slovenian Country House closed with a whimper after 60 years in business. They claimed they weren’t closing and would be available for large groups and events, but that is the last we’ve heard from them and the chef Natasha Pogrebinsky started selling fried chicken at The South Side in Tremont.

* Zoss the Swiss Baker closed on March 31, 2019. I am going to miss the Apfel im Schlafrock, the Palmiers, the Semmli, the Bretzel, the ham and cheese croissants and the Nussecken. Sounds like I will miss every single thing they made. He’s landed at EDWINS Bakery, teaching the culinary students there his magical ways, so things haven’t died with the closure of the bakery.

* Akira Hibachi in Solon closed its doors on February 2, 2019. Anna decided to retire. This was my go-to restaurant when I lived in Solon. I was there at least once a week. I am sad. They had the best Iidako (baby octopus) nigiri.

* I wrote about Koko Cafe and it closed quietly around that same time. Koko Bakery is still open though.

* Brasa Grill Steakhouse closed its doors in November 2018. I will miss those delicious skewers of meat and amazing salad bar.

* Trentina closed its doors in January 2019. I have mixed feelings about it. It was nice for a splurge, but it was so super loud with bad acoustics that I just wasn’t motivated to return.

* The Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern closed in November 2018. The Happy Dog on Detroit is still open.

  • Noodlecat in all its forms has closed – downtown closed first, it moved to Crocker Park and opened up a stand in the West Side Market, and now both Crocker Park and the WSM locations are closed.

* The Hot Sauce Williams location on Carnegie closed, but the Lee Road and Superior Road locations are still open for business. (The one on Superior is now called Hot Sauce Legacy BBQ).

* It was a dark day for me when Coquette Patisserie closed its doors. Britt got a full-time job and they shuttered the place. I miss it terribly.

* Dan’s Dogs in Medina closed, then reopened, and now it is closed once again.

* Cork & Cleaver Social Kitchen closed so that Brian and Adam could focus on their new baby, Polpetta, which they hope to spin into a meatball-themed chain.

* Graffiti: A Social Kitchen closed in October 2017. They wanted to focus on their meatball idea, Polpetta.

* Noodlecat is still at Crocker Park, but it isn’t the downtown location that is featured here.

* Ribsticks on Cedar Road closed within less than a year. I will miss their delicious sides. Those Bourbon peaches were amazing!!

* Santorini Greek Taverne on W. 9th has closed.

* Crop Kitchen has unfortunately closed in 7/2016. The location is rather unfortunate with no street presence and no sign allowed.

* I just learned Heimatland closed. One less German restaurant in the Cleveland area. That’s sad.

* Il Bacio in Little Italy is now Nora. The owner of Il Bacio moved back to Sicily.

* The Grovewood Tavern announced it was closing, effective immediately, on August 10, 2015. Some of my most memorable meals ever were here. Their Mad Men Spirit Dinner will forever live in my memory as one of the greatest meals I’ve ever had. I am really going to miss this place. It was magical.

* Chop It Salad Co. closed on May 1, 2015. I will miss my go-to salad place.

* Jezebel’s Bayou has changed its format and is no longer serving New Orleans fare. If you need a fix try Baptiste & Dupree Cajun Grill or Bourbon Street Barrel Room.

* Of all the restaurants that have closed in the past I am most gutted about the Saigon Grille. They closed in June 2014 to go on holiday for a month and never reopened. I tried to go in late July and there was a boat blocking the door. I drove by today, on October 14th, 2014, and a nail salon has moved into the space. I went here very regularly for lunch and will miss their amazing grilled pork bahn mi. You are gone, but you are certainly not forgotten by me, Saigon Grille.

* The Katz Club Diner closed due to arson. Doug plans to continue to use the kitchen there for catering, but I’m afraid they won’t be reopening as a full-service brick and mortar restaurant. I will miss the bar car and cherish my memories of the diner!

* After more than two decades of attracting an endless stream of loyal customers and a procession of celebrities and power brokers, John Q’s Steakhouse served its last meal on June 15, 2013.


* Babushka’s Kitchen has closed. Where will I find awesome kolatschke and their numerous kinds of pierogi now?

* Mekong River appears to have shut its doors (as of at least 10/2/2013), and a sign is heralding the coming of “Lotus Thai House.” I will miss the tangerine tilapia.

* Charkha has closed. I will miss the affordable lunch buffet.

* Accent closed. The location did not pan out as promised, and it never really attracted the crowds. It’s a shame. They had a unique idea. I for one will miss the smoked turkey wing. Crop Kitchen is a welcome addition at that location and have inherited the Robata Grill and Josper Oven.

* Fat Casual BBQ in Macedonia has closed and lovers of their Smoked Prime Rib will mourn the loss.

* Le Oui Oui Cafe closed when the owners of Luchita Express on Euclid skipped out in the middle of the night (Denajua shared the space with them). The chicken chutney crepe was fantastic, but the chocolate mousse knocked my socks off! We miss you, Denajua!

IMG_20110331_124121 IMG_20110331_125830

* Istanbul Grill abruptly shut its doors in February. The restaurant reopened as Dervish Grill in late March and will continue to serve Turkish fare.

* Carnegie Kitchen and Dining closed, and I will miss their PB&J French toast.

* Frank & Pauly’s in Mentor closed because the owner wanted to retire.

* Henry’s at the Barn in Avon was a personal favorite and I miss it.

* Melange had an awesome goat cheese fondue


* Palookaville Chili closed for the summer in June 2013 and the owner decided not to reopen it on September 1. It will be missed. It’s now Jack Flaps.

* Romanini’s in Aurora had a really nice patio but terrible parking.

* Viva Fernando had the most amazing paella



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