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When I was younger my mother used to drive from the West Side of Cleveland to the East Side to stock up on cases of Stouffer’s French bread pizza at the Stouffer’s thrift store. That was twenty years ago. I now live about two miles from the Stouffer’s thrift store in Solon and occasionally stock up on Stouffer’s dinners, Lean Cuisines, Hot Pockets, and Nestlé frozen cookie dough and Drumsticks.

Stouffer’s outlet store, at 5750 Harper Road, is located right inside the Stouffer’s U.S. headquarters. Take Interstate 480 eastbound to Route 422 eastbound. Exit at the first exit (Harper Road), take a right, and Stouffer’s is right next to the exit ramp. Visitors to the Thrift Store need to park in the first set of parking lots. Hours are 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and on Saturday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

You can get Lean Cuisine entrees that normally cost around $4 for about $2, family size lasagnas with meat sauce for $5.99, and a case of French bread pizza for $21.99. I went this morning, picked up 5 items, and spent $11.18 A box of Pepperoni and Mushroom French bread pizza is $2.40. My single serving meat lasagna was $2.20 (discounted another 22 cents because it was in the 10% off bin). Dinners like spaghetti with meatballs, chicken bakes and tuna noodle casserole are $2.20. It’s cheaper for a reason. Nestlé says its thrift food is certainly wholesome, but less than perfect.  The box may be crumpled, the recipe might be discontinued, or there might be too much or too little of some ingredient. That said, I have never once been disappointed by the quality.

Not all of the items are available all the time. For example, it is often hit or miss whether macaroni and beef (my personal favorite) is available. However, I never leave the place empty-handed. And there are usually always family size lasagnas available and other industrial size portions. It’s the perfect place to stock up if you are having a family reunion or need something to bring to a party or potluck. This morning there was a guy buying 10 family size lasagnas and cases of chocolate chip cookie dough. There is always something good available, so be sure to check out this “hidden treasure” in Cleveland.

Update: You can only buy the cookie dough in cases. I tried to buy an individual package today and was denied. Still, a case of cookie dough for under $7.00 is a great deal.


20 thoughts on “Stouffer’s Thrift Store”

    1. Not off the top of my head, but I can go back tomorrow and check. Thanks for being my first official comment! I love your blog, and your photos were my inspiration for taking photos here.

  1. Hey I am heading to the outlet today with my mom. It has been ages since I was there. It is an hour drive for me. I can’t wait to fill my freezer for less.

  2. thlis is jan. 10 2011
    My wife and I wanto to go to the outlet but wonder if it is closed for inventory. One time we went and it was. Its a long trlip.

    1. Hi Bob, I actually have no idea and no longer live in Solon. You may want to call Nestle/Stouffers and ask them. I’ll see if I can locate a number for you.

  3. As a new “empty-nester”, I am always trying to find ways of stretching my dollar while adjusting to preparing one-person meals. Not easy when you are used to cooking for three and one of them is a 6’2 teenager. I will certainly check this out and report back on my findings.

  4. I heard that you can’t mix n match lean cuisines.I heard you have to buy them by the case one kind only…is that true?

    1. If you buy them by the case you can’t mix and match, but you can buy them all singly and they still aren’t that expensive.

  5. I just bought a 30 pack of extra cheese French bread pizzas for $16.99 and 24 individually wrapped mac and cheese dinners for only $2.99. I love this place, I will definitely be back soon!!!!

  6. This place is great! Have known about it for years. Recently started going back. The prices are still unbeatable on the food. And who doesn’t love that!!

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