Melt Bar and Grilled

I have been wanting to try Melt for over a year now. I tried to go there a few months ago, but ended up going to Buckeye Beer Engine instead because there was a 1 hour wait at 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon.

The Parmageddon

I had friends come into town last weekend and thought I should give it another shot. We got there at 8 PM on Thursday, fully expecting a wait. Little did I know it would be a 2 hour wait – and then there was a 1 hour wait after we put the order in. So don’t go there hungry. By the time you get your food you will be very hungry and will enjoy it immensely. On the bright side, the beer special that night was Reissdorf Kölsch and my friend was from Cologne (the beer served in Cologne is Kölsch), so we didn’t mind the wait. Lots of beer was consumed during the wait.

Westside Monte Cristo

I ordered the sandwich that everyone talks about, the Parmageddon. It was absolutely delicious. The Parmageddon features potato and cheese pierogis with napa vodka kraut, onions and cheddar on Texas toast.

My friend, S., ordered the Westside Monte Cristo, which features honey ham, smoked turkey, and Swiss and American cheese dipped in batter and served with mixed berry preserves. She gave me a taste, and it was absolutely delicious.

Mushroom Melt

Her husband, C., ordered the Mushroom Melt and actually moaned after his first bite. I think I need to order this the next time I am there. The Mushroom Melt has grilled portabella mushrooms, caramel port onions and provolone cheese. Simplistic, yet delicious.

C. finished his sandwich, fries and sweet slaw (which really impressed our waitress), but S. and I had lots of fries and slaw left over. I had also wanted to order a fried Twinkie to split, but we were so full…

So, in summary, Melt Bar and Grilled rocks, but expect a long wait and don’t go there hungry. I can’t wait until the new place opens on the East Side. I hope there is more seating and a bigger kitchen in it. I’ll be there all the time!

Contact info:

Melt Bar and Grilled
14718 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 226-3699


5 thoughts on “Melt Bar and Grilled”

  1. Wait … so you got there at 8 PM and didn’t actually receive your sandwiches until 11 PM? You have far more patience than I do.

    However, the possibility of a moan-eliciting mushroom melt might be enough for me to seek them out during a slightly slower period of the day. Obviously Sunday at 1:30 PM is better than Thursday at 8:00 PM … is there an even better time than Sunday at 1:30?

  2. Get there right when it opens or be prepared to wait. My dining out group was there when it opened at 11:00 this past Saturday and it was packed in about half an hour. I suggest you just try going at a really odd time – 2 pm on a weekday, perhaps?

  3. Or wait until Melt opens on the East Side next year. I hear it will be a bigger venue… I’ll be posting more pictures from Saturday later in the week.

  4. I love Melt, but always have a backup (we usually end up at Aladdins a few doors away) because of the crowd. I’ll be glad when an East side venue opens–any idea of where it will be located? I vote for the Heights!

    1. My backup is Buckeye Beer Engine. I’m pretty sure the East side location is going to be in Cleveland Heights.

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