Brunch at the Carnegie Kitchen


Photo from Metromix Cleveland

Carnegie Kitchen has a killer brunch. If you haven’t tried it yet you need to do so. Their brunch offerings are definitely unique and delicious, and I can’t wait to go back and try the PBJ French toast for myself!

Carnegie Kitchen is conveniently located on Carnegie right off the E. 14th street entrance ramp. Since I live in Cleveland Heights, it was a straight shot down Carnegie, which made it even better. It is only open for breakfast, brunch and lunch, from 6 AM-3 PM on weekdays and 7 AM-3 PM on Saturday, but a lot of my favorite places in Cleveland also close after their lunch service, such as Inn on Coventry, Jim’s Diner in Solon, Claudette’s in Westlake, First Watch, Slyman’s, etc. There’s something indescribably unique about a restaurant that is only open for breakfast and lunch. Carnegie Kitchen has ample free parking in the parking lot next to the building. The building itself is not much to look at, being a big brick box, but lots of large windows allow for a lot of natural light to enter.

Our brunch group met at 11 AM on a Saturday for brunch. They greeted us warmly, and we were shown to our reserved table. One of our diners had her two kids with her, and they were easily able to accommodate them. There were a few occupied tables already, but the place wasn’t packed. I honestly don’t know why not, because we thoroughly enjoyed our meals.

Our first order of business was to order a round of mimosas, but unfortunately they were out of champagne that day. They had beer and wine, but I stuck with orange juice and coffee. My friend A. ordered a glass of white wine, which made me smile. Wine with brunch, why not?

I ordered Eggs in a Nest, which features an old childhood favorite: “egg in a hole” made of French brioche toast accompanied by house-made pork sausage flavored with sage, rosemary and other herbs (you could definitely tell the sausage was freshly made, and it was divine!) and home fries made of Yukon potatoes. The traditional way for an egg in a hole is over easy or over medium, but I chose scrambled eggs that morning. I just wasn’t in the mood for a runny egg that day. The scrambled eggs were artfully placed in the brioche, making it a thing of beauty, and I enjoyed it very much.

I was able to try my friend M.’s peanut butter, jelly and banana French toast featuring raspberry preserves. Wow! It was sweet and savory, and a very memorable combination. It was essentially peanut butter, raspberry preserves and banana sandwiched between pieces of bread and lightly fried to a golden brown. It was served with a side of syrup. If you are a fan of PB&J you will enjoy this, but in my opinion the use of preserves and banana elevate it from a traditional PB&J. I put it on my list of “must go back and order very soon.”

The salmon platter was also light and fresh, accompanied by two eggs, and was the perfect choice for someone on a no-carb diet when accompanied with a side of fruit instead of the bagel.

We enjoyed a leisurely brunch and the frequent coffee refills, and then ventured out into the cold to enjoy the rest of the day. Driving home we stopped at Aladdin’s Baking Company on Carnegie for some fresh pita bread, olives, and probiotic yogurt. All in all, a wonderful way to start the day.

Contact info:

Carnegie Kitchen & Dining
1332 Carnegie Ave
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 862-6788


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