In Memorium: Walter Hyde

It’s been a month. I thought I was ready. I wasn’t. I promised his sister I would post this memorial video though. We miss you, Walter.

The Cleveland food scene and its close-knit chefs suffered a major loss on October 16th. Walter Hyde of Now We’re Cooking, Swingo’s, Giovanni’s, The Annex, Fat Casual BBQ, Tavern of Solon, Fahrenheit-Charlotte, Sterle’s and most recently [Ice Ice] Daisy’s on Fleet died of a heart attack after a smoked prime rib pop-up with Penny Barend Tagliarina at Terrestrial Brewery. We are all reeling from the loss. His creativity was boundless. Who else could turn a cheese ball into a legendary appetizer? He and Scott could roast a delicious pig. His smoked prime rib and kind heart made him a legend. Everything he touched was delicious. Walter Hyde, you will be missed. I’m heartbroken.

Jeff Jarrett and Walter at Dinner in the Dark at Sterle’s

Legendary appetizer by Walter Hyde – cheeseballs, BBQ and pickle

Cleveland Scene Memorial by Doug Trattner


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