Fish Fry #1 2023 – Ash Wednesday lunch at West Park Station

This year’s fish fry season is starting out well – the fish fry at West Park Station in Kamm’s Corner was superb. I ventured out in the slushy, cold and rainy weather and was lucky enough to get a spot right in front. That’s one of the reasons I chose lunch there, but I was still tickled that I didn’t have far to walk from where I parked. They opened at 11 am and had advertised the fish fry starting on Ash Wednesday, but the kitchen had either forgotten or something. I took a seat and ordered a Guinness and a cup of clam chowder from waitress #1. I don’t know what soup I was given, but it sure looked like a gumbo. I sent it back with waitress #2, and the kitchen had to make a pot of clam chowder because of my order. So it took a while, which was fine because I had my Guinness. I ordered the Pike and Pierogi Combo, which was $19.99.

Waitress #2 finally brought out the chowder, which was understandably hot. As I was letting it cool, my Pike and Pierogi Combo came out. Once I got some silverware I tucked into it. This was one of the best fish fries I’ve had. The “pike” (walleye) was dusted with cornmeal and had a hint of lemon on the inside. It was delicious. The pierogi came out deep fried with some cooked onions. I had ordered a side of sour cream for them and would do so again even though I was charged extra for the tiny cup of sour cream. The pierogi were good, although I do prefer them boiled and pan-fried. The french fries were delicious. I don’t know what they did to them but they had a great flavor. Someone brought out three hush puppies at some point as well, which weren’t included in the P&P dinner and are close to $5 to order a la carte. But I’m glad they brought them out because they were tasty (and free). The combo also came with a small cups of applesauce and cole slaw. The tartar sauce also seemed housemade. I would gladly return to enjoy this again. It paired nicely with the Guinness and was extremely tasty.

The chowder was perfect – if a little thin. I’m sure it thickened up over the course of the day on the burner. It was brimming with clams and chunks of potato. I’ve never had the first serving of chowder before. I usually get the end. It was really nice to enjoy a super-fresh chowder.

As far as other non-meat options go, the appetizers included boom boom shrimp and pierogi in addition to the clam chowder (and the regular menu had several non-meat friendly options like chips & dip, pub pretzels, fried mozzarella, spinach-artichoke dip and bruschetta. The fish fry menu also features a walleye dinner with chips and hush puppies, a bourbon glazed salmon dinner with rice pilaf and broccoli that would be a great choice for those watching their weight, a beer-battered haddock dinner with fries and slaw as well as bruschetta pasta, lobster mac n cheese, lobster alfredo, and a haddock sandwich on the regular menu.

Contact info:

West Park Station
17015 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44111
(216) 476-2000


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